A Little Bit About On the Boards

On the Boards

Founded in 1978, On the Boards is dedicated to bringing contemporary dance, theater, and musical performances to Seattle. They specialize in facilitating unique performances by artists and groups at the top of their careers. Since the beginning, artists like Laurie Anderson, Bill T. Jones, The Wooster Group, Back to Back Theatre, Zoe Scofield, and Crystal Pite have been featured by On the Boards. Each year, On the Boards offers Seattle an annual performance season which brings together groups and artists not only from the Northwest, but from around the world.

However, On the Boards isn’t just for those who love the arts, it’s also for those who contribute to it. The Performance Production Program makes it possible for artists to benefit from technical residencies, free rehearsal space, and development support.

On the Boards is located in the Behnke Center for Contemporary Performance in Seattle’s lower Queen Anne neighborhood. Performances take place in either the Merril Wright Mainstage Theater or the more intimate Studio Theater. While many of the performances take place starting at 8pm, there are many 5pm starts. The Open Studios, which take place about once per month each start at 3:30pm. The next Open Studio will be on June 27th in the Studio Theater. Pay special attention to the start times for each performance, as there are often afternoon opportunities.

Matinees at The Blue Mouse Theatre

Tacoma is officially on the map with the US Open underway at Chambers Bay Golf Club, and the city is buzzing.  SeaTac Airport is peppered with signage promoting the unique sites and points of interest in the area that rarely receive such publicity, and visitors have arrived at the most beautiful time of the year to experience all that the area has to offer.  No doubt many will return with more than a visit to Seattle in mind; playing a round themselves at Chambers Bay is worth the trip alone to many.

Whether you are just visiting or live in the area, if you love film, quirky theatres with interesting history, and cult classics, the Blue Mouse Theatre is the place in Tacoma for all three. The Blue Mouse is known best as home of the Rocky Horror Picture Show every 2nd and 4th Saturday of each month, and for good reason.  The Blue Mousketeers perform along with the movie on their stage at each showing, and audience par-tici-pation is encouraged.

Attendees show up early, and early means 11pm.  This cult classic is no matinee folks, it starts at midnight.  Rather, if you are planning a fun or, dare we say, romantic night on the town, this might just be the perfect way to end it.  Arrive and leave in style while you are at it!

But what about the matinees, you say?  While you can’t catch an early showing of the Rocky Horror Picture Show, there are plenty of matinee deals to choose from.  Saturday and Sunday matinee showings for other films typically start around 4pm and some showings are at noon.  This weekend you might bring the kids along to see Home, or perhaps you’d like to catch a showing of More than Honey.  Matinee prices are $4 for adults and $3 for kids and seniors.

Monday Movie Madness and Bargain Tuesday are popular options as well, with all seats just $3 on Mondays and $4 on Tuesdays.  Tickets must be purchased at the Blue Mouse Box Office prior to the show.

A few Interesting Upcoming Seattle Theatre Matinees

The Neptune Theatre

The Neptune Theatre, located nearby the University of Washington, first opened on November 16, 1921. To this day the Neptune Theatre is a gathering place for academics, locals, and tourists alike. The theatre was designed by Henderson Ryan in a simplified Renaissance Revival style. Over the course of its almost century old history, it has experienced several renovations intended to help maintain its original charm. During the height of the silent movie craze, five University District movie theatres were built. The Neptune is the last remaining theatre from this era. It wasn’t until 2011 that The Seattle Theatre Group signed a long-term lease to operate it Today you will find a diverse array of concerts, comedy shows, film, and community activities.

Performances at The Neptune Theatre

The Neptune Theatre has stayed true to its roots offering more independent, niche performances to film and theatre buffs across Seattle and the surrounding area. While the Neptune Theatre does not offer any Matinee performances you can attend a free tour of the theatre on June 20th and July 18th at 10:00am. This is a fantastic opportunity for theatre fans and architectural fans alike to pursue learn more about Seattle’s dramatic past!

The Moore Theatre

Attached to the Moore Hotel, you will find The Moore Theatre. Opening it’s doors in 1907 for the first time makes it Seattle’s oldest operating theatre. It was built during a time commonly referred to as The Gilded Age of early Seattle, and gilded it certainly is. The purpose of The Moore Theatre was to attract the attention of patrons during the 1909 Alaska-Yukon-Pacific Exposition. The subtle exterior in no way prepares you for the opulent interior, filled with onyx, marble, stained glass, sculpture, ivory, old rose, olive, and gold decor. It was here that the Seattle Symphony and Seattle International Film Festival first awed crowds. The Moore Theatre came under the ownership of the Seattle Theatre Group in 1994.

Matinees at The Moore Theatre

Like The Neptune Theatre, The Moore Theatre does not offer Matinee performances. Instead they schedule their fantastic shows for the evening. To see their full calendar and plan your next visit, see here. They too offer Theatre tours. Upcoming dates are June 13th, and July 11th, both at 10:00am.

Brought To You by The Seattle Theatre Group: Matinees at The Paramount

Seattle is a hub of cultural activity. From art to architecture, and theatre to film you’ll find something for everyone in Seattle. The Seattle Theatre Group is a non profit arts organization that has spent the past several decades creating The Paramount Theatre, The Neptune Theatre, and The Moore Theatre into the bustling centres of theatrical innovation that they are today. The Seattle Theatre Group is dedicated to bringing the arts to the Pacific Northwest.

Every year, The Seattle Theatre Group stays incredibly busy presenting about 500 events in Seattle and the surrounding area. Their events consist of everything from Broadway production to concerts, lectures, and film screenings. If you want to experience theatre the old fashioned way in Seattle, chances are The Seattle Group is to thanks.

While each of their theatres offer a unique performance schedule, The Paramount Theatre is where you will want to go to experience a top notch Matinee Performance. Every single show that goes through The Paramount offers afternoon performances, and they will often take place on the weekend. The Matinee performances at The Paramount are ideal for those with younger children, or for anyone who wants to beat the parking lots crush without compromising on quality. After a description of each theatre, a link is provided to the performance calendar.

The Paramount Theatre

The Paramount Theatre is one of Seattle’s most beautiful, historic locations to soak up some culture. The Paramount Theatre officially opened in March of 1928. The Theatre features impressive architectural details, and over the years has showcased some of the world’s most famous films and performers who came from far and wide for the privilege of performing at the Paramount.The year before it opened, “talkies” had just been invented. Like any new trend, “talkies” were sweeping the nation, and were an integral part of Seattle’s entertainment industry. When it opened in March 1928, the Paramount became the go-to destination for entertainment in Seattle. 85 years later, the theatre has expanded its offerings to include Broadway theatre, rock, soul, and jazz concerts, and so much more. During the 1990s when The Paramount was experiencing financial troubles, Ida Cole, former Microsoft vice-president bought the theatre and created The Seattle Group. After an extensive expansion and renovation, the Paramount Theatres is the work of art it is today. In 2002, Ida Cole transferred the ownership entirely to The Seattle Group.

Matinees at The Paramount Theatre

If you’re looking to see a show at The Paramount today you’ll have many opportunities. The KeyBank Broadway group puts on excellent regular shows, or you can soak up some old film history during The Trader Joe’s Silent Film Series.

If you’re looking to fit in a Matinee show at the Paramount, you’ll be in luck for June and July 2015. If you’re reading this after July visit their calendar here. The month of June features David McCullough “The Wright Brothers” on June 14 at 2:00pm. Meanwhile, on July 11th, 18th, and 25th you can attend a 2:00pm showing of the famous Broadway show “Wicked”, or a 1:00pm showing on July 12th, 19th, and 26th.

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